Hi, I'm Gobbo! Nice to meet you!

Sharing skills and data has been the backbone of human collective and ever-evolving knowledge. In an era where data companies are labeled as almost satanic, we want to clean that reputation a bit by helping Mexicans use information for their own benefit.

It really seems like science has become a collateral victim of the post-truth era. It’s not really hard to get your head around this, considering how complex the flow of information is on the internet. I mean, yes, of course it’s a sensitive matter: understanding data is the closest we’ve gotten to literally predicting the future, which means a good data scientist can use it to manipulate it. But the way news are handled, makes it seem as if sharing statistics (and I can’t stress this enough: data statistics DOESN’T MEAN personal information) was a bad thing.

Sharing knowledge is the sole thing that has driven humanity to this magnificent point in its existence. The way Science progresses is by scientists standing on the shoulders of their predecessors and living colleagues.

I’m not really frightened about big techs having my info in their databases. I allowed them to have it in exchange for amazing tech. What does get me a bit upset is that I know they have the resources to make that data work way harder for me, yet they mostly use it to profit with ads. I’m completely ok with them profiting, don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting to get free services, it’s just that they have access to the biggest stock of the most amazing resource in the universe: knowledge… And they hecking use it to run ADS?! Come on guys, you can do better than that.

I’m very passionate about data, we all are here, really, but I don’t think it should be used for us to profit from. I think we can build a healthy business around our users and not above them, and that we can have their data work for them, and for them only. Imagine that instead of Google telling you there’s a 20% on a vacuum cleaner that you already own, they told you how you could cut off 20% of your monthly spendings on a simple click. They definitely have the power to do that, instead they use that to make you spend more, rather than living a more efficient life.

We know we’re some time away from that, and we know ad runners will tell you that’s basically what they do (spoiler alert: they don’t), but that’s what gets me up every morning, it’s what makes me work on weekends, and sometimes pull all-nighters. We will put all we have to get there.